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Serge da Motta Veiga and Geneviève Houriet Segard from EDHEC

Editor's Pick of the Month

The European Commission wants to foster confidence in artificial intelligence. But how do students and young job-seekers envision the impact of AI in the business world and more specifically the use of algorithms in corporate recruitment processes? Serge da Motta Veiga and Geneviève Houriet Segard from EDHEC share their research in our latest blog

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Employee wellbeing

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, 67.5% of employers researched by Mercer Marsh Benefits cited employee health and wellbeing as a high priority. Since then the pandemic has put the spotlight firmly on employee wellbeing and safety. New technology-based approaches can help employers in their mission to improve employee wellbeing.

Organisational network analysis

Organisational network analysis, or ONA, is the study of communications and network structures, which enables invisible patterns of information flow and collaboration to be made visible. This means that organisations can see how work is really being done. No wonder ONA is regarded as one of the most exciting new tech developments.


There is plenty of evidence that mentoring brings benefits in areas like employee retention, engagement and business performance. But will 2021 be the year mentoring comes of age as one of the most important means of addressing some of the big workplace challenges of the moment? Technology advances are helping to put the benefits of mentoring into more hands globally.

Digital transformation

A study of over 3,800 global c-suite executives found nearly six in 10 organisations have accelerated their digital transformations due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But a poll across the US, UK and Germany finds 49% of companies are still using manual and paper-based processes. Innovative tech can help HR gain quick productivity wins.

Psychometric assessment

It's been noted that psychometric testing is only as good as the tool – and the hands – using it. Luckily both are improving with the advent of new technologies and new ways of using psychometrics to tackle the challenges HR is facing in today's workplace. Check out how psychometrics can help you understand your people better.

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